In a combined pro bono effort, Immunitrack ApS ( and Intavis Peptide Services GmbH & Co. KG ( will conduct an MHC epitope discovery project on the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).
The 2019-nCoV genome is large, encoding approximately 9,000 amino acids. By using conventional epitope prediction tools (netMHC), the top 100 binders to 10 frequent MHC I alleles in the Chinese population have been predicted.
Scientists at Intavis will use their high-throughput peptide production platform to produce the required 1,000 peptides in just one week. Subsequently, Immunitrack will use their in-vitro NeoScreen platform to measure the stability between peptide and MHC molecules. In this way we anticipate reducing the pool of stable and potentially immunogenic T-cell epitopes to numbers that can be managed by Elispot assays or tetramer analysis.
The in-vitro stability data will be available for download free of cost from the Intavis or Immunitrack homepage around week 10.
By carrying out this project Intavis and Immunitrack hope to aid a faster development of more efficient peptide-based vaccines and diagnostic immune monitoring tools.

Sune Justesen, CSO Immunitrack and Dr. Steffen Hüttner, CEO Intavis