The new ResPep CF is an economic peptide synthesizer with a unique column module that allows the synthesis of long and difficult sequences. Optional UV monitoring in real-time enables the optimization of reaction parameters like deprotection and coupling times during the synthesis. The continuous monitoring can be used to automatically adapt the number of washing steps as well. This leads to a significant reduction of solvent consumption. The ResPep CF is a very good peptide synthesizer with a real-time UV monitoring. The UV monitoring is done in the continuous flow.
The ResPep CF can be upgraded with an 8-column module for the parallel synthesis of peptides at 10-300µmol scales. The instrument is based on a pipetting robot with a single needle. A multi-channel manifold is used for rapid solvent delivery and washing.
The instrument covers the requirements of core facilities, research laboratories and custom synthesis houses.

Available modules:

  • 1-Column Module: single column, 0.05-2mmol scales; optional real-time UV monitoring
  • Column Module: multiple synthesis upgrade, up to 8 peptides; 10-300µmol scales

To see more check out the ResPep CF product page