• standard format is a 100x150mm modified cellulose membrane for max. 600 peptide spots
  • 5 spots per cm²; spot diameter approx. 2-3mm
  • arrays contain 5-10nmol of peptide per spot
  • peptides are covalently bound to cellulose via C-terminus, PEG-like linker in between peptide and cellulose
  • arrays contain control peptides on request
  • detection methods: autoradiography, chemiluminescence, chromogenic substrate reactions and dedicated fluorescent dyes
  • cost free N-terminus acetylation recommended

Custom SPOT-membrane Peptide Arrays made by INTAVIS can be analysed with standard chromogenic substrate reactions as used in Western blot protocols. Development is done in an open tray. Spot intensities are recorded on a standard flatbed scanner. Detection by luminescence or radioactivity is also possible.