Amount (average), crude
2 µmol
10 amino acids
20 amino acids
1-2 mg
2-4 mg
5 µmol
10 amino acids
20 amino acids
4-5 mg
8-10 mg

The amounts of purified products depend strongly on length and sequences of chosen peptides.


Peptides can be synthesized with a variety of modifications.

    • phosphorylated amino acids (e.g. phospho-serine, -threonine, -tyrosine)
    • special amino acids (e.g. D-amino acids)
    • N-terminus: acetylation, biotin, fluorescent label
    • C-terminus: amide, biotin
    • … and many more


All peptides are delivered unpurified to provide you with a large number of peptides quickly and cost effectively. If you would like to do your assays with pure peptides, biotinylated peptide libraries could be a good choice. These peptides can be purified easily by binding them to streptavidin coated surfaces (e.g. beads, plates or microarrays).

Depending on the quality control level, mass spectrometry is performed for 6, 12 or all peptides and HPLC analysis is done for 0, 10 or 12 peptides of the set.