Peptide Libraries

Peptide libraries are efficient tools for screening of epitopes, proteases, kinases, antibodies, pharmacologically active peptides and to address many other biochemical or immunological questions. In many cases, the use of peptide libraries is an economic alternative to recombinant protein approaches. Our peptide libraries consist of unpurified peptides with different levels of quality control, delivered in a 96-tube rack format. Purified peptide libraries are available on request.

All peptides are synthesized with state of the art robotic instruments that can produce up to 384 peptides in parallel. As for single peptides, the relatively mild Fmoc chemistry and solid support resins are used.

    • lyophilized peptides in individual tubes (96-tube rack format)
    • 2 µmol scales (yield ~ 0.5 – 2 mg), 5 µmol scales are available upon request
    • average purity: ~70 % for 8 – 15mer peptides
    • delivery time is usually 2 to 4 weeks after receipt of order

We offer three levels of quality control:

Standard Level QC:
Mass spectrometry of 6 of the 96 peptides in a set

Silver Level QC:
HPLC analysis and mass spectrometry of 12 of the 96 peptides in a libraries

Gold Level QC:
HPLC analysis of 10 and mass spectrometry of all peptides of a libraries