Synthetic peptides are used for a broad range of applications. For some peptides with free or blocked terminal ends without any further modification are needed. Other experimental setups require internal or terminal modifications of peptides. INTAVIS can deliver peptides that are appropriate to your particular application:

    • peptides for antibody generation
    • peptides for affinity columns to purify antibodies or other binders
    • overlapping peptides for B- and T-cell epitope mapping
    • peptide pools for T-cell stimulation
    • peptides as kinase substrates
    • phosphorylated peptides as phosphatase substrates
    • internally quenched peptides for protease assays (FRET)
    • peptides with terminal biotin or desthiobiotin for attachment to streptavidin coated plates or beads
    • fluorescently labeled peptides to study protein/protein interactions
    • heavy isotopic labeled peptides for absolute quantification