Custom Peptides

Custom peptide synthesis, typically provided for peptides with a length between 5 and 60 residues, is carried out on state-of-the-art fully automated instruments on solid phase. All peptides are HPLC purified, analysed by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and shipped with detailed quality control documentation including HPLC and MS spectra. Quantities usually range from 1mg to gram scale at a purity of up to 98% (HPLC). Peptides are usually synthesized with free N-terminal amino and C-terminal carboxy groups, but modifications such as acetylation, biotinylation or amidation are available as well as synthesis of isotopic labeled peptides for quantitative proteomic studies. Cyclisation via disulfide bond formation, modifications or special amino acids (i.e. phosphorylated, myristoylated, D-amino acids, fluorescent labels etc.) are routinely available upon request to suit your requirements.