Specifications MSi

The DigestPro MSi is operated from a PC with a powerful Windows compatible graphical software. All important parameters are accessible and complex protocols are easily generated from the sample procedures provided. MALDI targets and custom vial racks deviating from the microtiter plate format can be used. All operations can be recorded in a log-file for verification of instrument performance. Protocols and records can be exported to other programs for documentation.
Number of samples per run:
up to 96
Operating range:
from low fmol range, depending on MS analysis
Reagents and buffer vials:
27 positions (4 cooled)
Volumes delivered:
down to 0.5 µl
In-solution module: different formats available
Gel volume:
1mm³ to 30 mm³
MALDI target geometry:
any target format adaptable
Reagent cooling:
four cooled reagent positions
Heating range in-gel rack:
up to 80°C
Cooled collection position:
Temp. range in-solution rack:
8°C to 80°C
Approximate run time:
Digestion 5 – 1 0 h, MALDI prep 1 – 4 h
log protocol on PC
PC with graphical software (Windows 7)
220/240 V, 50 Hz or 1 1 0/1 1 5 V, 60 Hz, 250 Watt
57 x 50 x 70 cm (width x depth x height)
[22.4 x 1 9.7 x 27.2 inches]
Weight: 60 kg