DigestPro MSi

Automated protein digestion and sample preparation

The DigestPro MSi automates all of the tedious manual steps of in-gel or in-solution digestion protocols:

    • reduction of disulfide bonds at 60°C
    • alkylation of cysteine residues
    • enzymatic digestion at 37°C
    • washing of gel slices and elution of the peptides from the gel matrix

In addition, various procedures for subsequent sample preparation can be automated:

    • desalting and concentration with Millipore® ZipTips®
    • handling of other micro-extraction tips for desalting, enrichment and affinity purification
    • use of StageTips
    • MALDI target spotting on targets of all manufacturers
    • preparation of sandwich spots
    • loading of samples on Bruker Anchor plates

The DigestPro MSi offers the following features

    • modular work area setup:
    • freely adjust the instrument according to your individual needs
    • automation of different applications on one platform
    • freely selectable temperature for each step
    • new cooling option for eluted peptides or in solution digestion
    • user friendly software for free adaptation of individual protocols
    • use of standard lab buffer (low running costs)
    • compact size