Automated Protein Digestion

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Protein digestion is an essential step in protein analysis that must be automated for high reproducibility and sensitivity. The DigestPro MSi completely automates in gel or in solution digestion procedures including reduction, alkylation, silver reduction and all washing steps. Furthermore, the peptide solutions can automatically be desalted and concentrated on ZipTips® or similar reverse phase tips. Finally, the samples can be spotted on a MALDI target plate or transferred to autosampler vials for LC-MS.

More applications such as solid-phase assisted digestion, affinity purification and phosphopeptide enrichment on TiO2 are available.

Enzymatic digestion of proteins and the subsequent analysis of the peptides by mass spectrometry is a routine procedure in protein analysis. The DigestPro MSi automates all steps of digestion protocols as well as subsequent sample preparation procedures to achieve high throughput under controlled and reproducible conditions.
The DigestPro MSi can be equipped with different modules according to your needs. Individual modules are available for automated in-gel digestion, in-solution digestion, sample desalting and concentration on ZipTips®, spotting on MALDI targets or transfer into autosampler vials. The intuitive and open operation software allows the easy adaptation of individual protocols.