FAQ – Technical

Which plates and slide formats fit into the Slide Spotting Robot?
Standard 96 and 384 well plates (low profile) and microscope slides up to 76 x 26 mm can be used.

FAQ – Software

Does the Slide Spotting Robot require a computer?
The instrument is operated from a standard PC. The graphical software takes care of plates and array layout, operation of the instrument and generation of a log file of operation.

How much programming is required to operate the Slide Spotting Robot?
During everyday use you just define the array layout, number of arrays, select a protocol, load the work area and start the spotting. More experienced users can modify the pre-defined protocols and layouts and adapt them to their specific needs. The relevant parameters of the protocol are accessible in the software.

Do I have access to all spotting parameters?
The spotting procedure is composed of individual tasks of the robot. The software lets you have full access to all relevant parameters and you can modify existing methods or create new procedures.

Is there a record of what the instrument does?
All instrument operations are automatically recorded to the computer hard disc. The files can be opened by standard text editors.