Slide Spotting Robot

The Slide Spotting Robot is an instrument for preparation of CelluSpots™ peptide arrays on coated microscope slides. Advantages of CelluSpots™ peptide arrays are the small sample volumes needed for incubations and the large number of identical arrays that can be produced with ease.

Up to 1000 positions on a standard 26×75 mm slide in freely defined grids can be addressed. The work area holds two microtiter plates (96 or 384 well) as source and 29 slides as the target. The software allows definition and handling of spot arrays in a convenient graphical format. The pattern of spots, duplicates as well as marker spots is defined for the first slide and then duplicated as required. A typical pattern has 2 areas of 384 spots (duplicate) in an alignment frame made with a different colour. The built-in dilutor unit can deliver volumes as low as 100 nl using a fine tip needle touching the slide surface.

The Slide Spotting Robot is delivered with software, manual and a Plexiglass hood for protection from dust. The software is compatible with Windows 10. The PC is included.