ResPep SLi

SL peptide synthesizer

 NEW! ResPep SLi

The new ResPep SLi is an economic parallel peptide synthesizer with a small footprint. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable production of speciality peptides in mini-columns to the large scale synthesis of up to 300 µmol of up to eight individual peptides in 2, 5 or 10 ml columns.

Easy to set up and use, the ResPep SLi is equally suited to use in core facilities, biological focused laboratories and synthesis units.

Available configurations:

      • NEW 8-Column Module: up to 8 peptides at a scale of 10-300 µmol
      • Plate and Mini-Column Module: up to 96 peptides at 1-10 µmol in synthesis plates or 1-15 µmol in mini-columns
      • SPOT Module: automated SPOT synthesis of peptide arrays on two membranes
      • CelluSpots™ Module: synthesis for CelluSpots™ peptide arrays

NEW 8-Column Module

The new 8-column module allows parallel peptide synthesis on resin in up to eight columns at a scale of up to 300 µmol. The module is supplied as standard with an orbital shaker. The synthesis products can be handled individually during work-up to simplify cleavage and filtration from the resin.

In the ResPep SLi plate configuration up to 96 peptides are made in a 96 well filter plate filled with synthesis support. Alternatively the mini-column module can be used to synthesize up to 48 peptides or PNAs at slightly larger scale.

A unique method to generate large numbers of different peptides is the SPOT method for synthesis of peptide arrays on cellulose membranes.

CelluSpots™ Module

A smart way to generate many identical peptide arrays from only one synthesis is the CelluSpots™ method.