Multipep RSi

SPOT Upgrade

A unique method to generate large numbers of different peptides is the SPOT method for synthesis of peptide arrays on cellulose membranes. Peptides are synthesized by repeated deposition of activated amino acids as spots on a specially derivatized filter sheet. This entire process is fully automated and can be adapted to the MultiPep RSi synthesizer. Up to 2400 positions on freely defined grids can be addressed on the four synthesis membranes. An upgrade kit with hardware and software is available. This procedure is subject to extensive licensing conditions.

The MultiPep RSi can be used for the synthesis of membrane bound peptide arrays (SPOT method) or in combination with the Slide Spotting Robot to generate hundreds of identical CelluSpots™ peptide arrays on coated microscope slides in the following applications:

    • Epitope mapping
    • Protein interaction studies
    • Binding domains
    • Vaccine development
    • Receptor binding