The applications for synthetic peptides are as varied as their sequences can be. Synthesize peptides to generate antibodies and purify these with affinity columns using the same peptides. Create substrates for a kinase you want to characterize. Study protein/protein interaction with fluorescent labelled peptides. Determine the specific binding site of a receptor using competing peptide sequences. Phosphopeptides are important research tools but expensive to synthesize. Only small amounts are needed due to their high biological activity.

Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA) or PNA-peptide chimera are expensive. Biotin is frequently coupled to a peptide to attach it easily to surfaces loaded with streptavidin. Isotopically labelled peptides as well as peptides with other special labels to be used as enzyme substrates are also prime candidates for synthesis by the MultiPep RSi. Our in-house peptide synthesis service will support all these applications by delivering appropriate peptides when you need them.