Multipep RSi

RSi2 peptide synthesizer

The MultiPep RSi is an automated high-throughput parallel peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot operated by a dedicated PC-Software. Exchangeable modules allow to configure the MultiPep RSi as a 5-in-1 synthesizer that enables the synthesis of hundreds of peptides in one run.

The synthesis is performed in plates or in disposable columns containing derivatized resin. Alternatively, for large screening projects, hundreds of peptides can be synthesized on membranes (SPOT method) or on individual dissolvable discs for CelluSpots™ production (peptide arrays on coated microscope slides).

The instrument covers the requirements of core facilities, research laboratories and custom synthesis houses. Switching from one module to another is done in a couple of minutes. Up to 7 solvent positions and 13 additional reagent bottles offer the flexibility to run complex chemistry protocols.

Available modules:

    • Column Module: large scale, up to 48 or 72 peptides at a scale of up to 500 µmol
    • Plate Module: small scale; up to 384 (4x 96) peptides at 1-10 µmol
    • SPOT Module: automated SPOT synthesis of peptide arrays on up to four membranes (up to 600 peptides on each)
    • CelluSpots™ Module: synthesis for CelluSpots™ peptide arrays
A module which allows peptide synthesis on resin in up to 72 columns.
In the MultiPep RSi plate and mini-column configuration peptide libraries or large sets of peptides can be synthesized in up to four 96-well filter plates in parallel. For smaller numbers of speciality peptides the mini-column module with different column sizes offers a high flexibility.
A unique method to generate large numbers of different peptides is the SPOT method for synthesis of peptide arrays on cellulose membranes.
A new way to generate many identical peptide arrays from only one synthesis is the CelluSpots™method.