The upgrade kit allows parallel peptide synthesis on resin in up to 8 columns at synthesis scales ranging from 10 to 300 µmoles using Fmoc chemistry. The columns can be handled individually during work-up which simplifies cleavage and filtration from the resin. For the column module an orbital shaker and a heating unit are available as additional options.
Number of Peptides
one peptide in a disposable filter column
Synthesis scales
0.05 – 2 mmol
by PyBOP/NMM, HBTU/DIPEA or similar chemistries
in dedicated vials possible with freely defined times
Amino Acid vials
up to 62 derivatives can be accessed; small vials for expensive derivatives; separate mixer vials for pre-activation
Reagents and solvents
up to 8 reagents and solvents
Peptide length
up to 60 residues, more possible
Cycle time
2-3 hours, typically 2 hours, depending on protocol and total number of peptides
standard PC running Windows 10
Windows compatible software
220/240 Volt, 50 Hz or 110/115 Volt, 60 Hz
Dimensions ( w x d x h)
58 x 53 x 69 cm (22.8 x 20.9 x 27.2 inches)
72 kg