Automated Peptide Synthesis

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Peptide synthesizer

The MultiPep RSi, MultiPep CF, and ResPep SLi are fully automated parallel peptide synthesizers. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides, the affordable production of specialty peptides in mini-columns or plates to the large scale synthesis of 300 mg peptide or more in column modules with agitation and heating options.

The SPOT Upgrades for MultiPep RSi and ResPep SLi allow fully automated synthesis of peptide arrays on membranes.

Easy to set up and use, both instruments are equally suited to use in core facilities, biological focused laboratories and synthesis units.

MultiPep RSi peptide synthesizer

The MultiPep RSi is an automated high-throughput parallel peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot operated by a dedicated PC-Software. Six different modules allow to configure the MultiPep RSi in a way that enables the synthesis of the amount of peptides which you want.

MultiPep CF peptide synthesizer

The MultiPep CF is a high-throughput parallel peptide synthesizer with a unique column module that allows the synthesis of difficult sequences. Optional UV monitoring in real-time enables the optimization of reaction parameters like deprotection and coupling times during the synthesis. The MultiPep CF is the only peptide synthesizer with a real-time continuous UV monitoring.

ResPep SL peptide synthesizer

The ResPep SLi is an economic automated parallel peptide synthesizer. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable production of speciality peptides in microcolumns to the large scale synthesis of 300 µmol of up to eight individual sequences.

The Slide Spotting Robot is an instrument for preparation of CelluSpots™ peptide arrays on coated microscope slides. Alternatively other pipetting procedures can be automated.