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Selected reference articles and useful resources for the InsituPro product line.
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The Inhibitor Endosidin 4 Targets SEC7 Domain-Type ARF GTPase Exchange Factors and Interferes with Subcellular Trafficking in Eukaryotes

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Non-nuclear Pool of Splicing Factor SFPQ Regulates Axonal Transcripts Required for Normal Motor Development
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SMAD2 and p38 signaling pathways act in concert to determine XY primordial germ cell fate in mice
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Β-catenin-dependent control of positional information along the AP body axis in planarians involves a teashirt family member
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D6 PROTEIN KINASE Activates Auxin Transport-Dependent Growth and PIN-FORMED Phosphorylation at the Plasma Membrane
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A mutation in the enzyme monoamine oxidase explains part of the Astyanax cavefish behavioural syndrome
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BMP signaling regulates the dorsal planarian midline and is needed for asymmetric regeneration
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In situ hybridisation techniques for mRNA detection in whole mount Arabidopsis samples
Hejatko et al., Nat. Protoc. 2006; 1(4): 1939-1946
“Our protocol was adopted for automation using an in situ dedicated robot “InsituPro” from INTAVIS. To create a program to perform the procedure according to our protocol is rather simple as the manufacturer provides instructions for very intuitive and user friendly programming of the automate. Using this robot […] tissue permeabilisation, hybridisation and washing steps until detection […] can be performed.”

Dynamic and Compensatory Responses of Arabidopsis Shoot and Floral Meristems to CLV3 Signaling
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Large-scale expression screening by automated whole-mount in situ hybridization
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The Claudin-like Megatrachea Is Essential in Septate Junctions for the Epithelial Barrier Function in Drosophila
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Automated whole mount localisation techniques for plant seedlings
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Automated in situ detection (AISD) of biomolecules
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Useful resources:


GEISHA – The Gallus gallus (chicken) EST and In Situ Hybridization Analysis database

A developing data base for chick ESTs and corresponding in situ images.

ZFIN – The zebrafish model organism database

A database containing everything starting from genes, ESTs, expression data up to the request for fish lines.

MEPD – Medaka Expression Patern Data Base

A database on in situ expression pattern of ESTs in the ricefish Medaka.


The gene expression database of TAIR

The gene expression resource of the TAIR Arabidopsis database. Please read their guidelines before linking or citing.

Xenopus express

Supplier of Pipid Frogs for laboratory research