BioLane HTI 16Vx – Two systems in one

The BioLane HTI 16Vx is a system designed to automate many commonly used techniques in the laboratory. Its main focus is in situ hybridisation and immunohistochemistry which are automated in a way that closely mimics the manual protocol. In addition, the BioLane HTI 16Vx can fully automate gel staining and blot processing, including recovery of antibodies into cooled positions. Using the optional upgrades to processing slides or the extra large tray for large blots, it can process sections on slides or 2D gels and blots as well. In summary, the BioLane HTI 16Vx can automate any technique based on repeated liquid exchange in a tub. As it features two independent units, two independent protocols can be run at one time.

In a typical in situ hybridization protocol, the BioLane HTI 16Vx automates the following manual steps:

    • Rehydration of specimens or slides
    • Permeation with proteinase K or detergent
    • Postfixation
    • Prehybridization
    • Hybridization with one probe
    • Post hybridization washes
    • Blocking and incubation with a single antibody
    • All washing steps

As all samples in the incubation tub are processed the same, steps requiring individual treatment of the samples, such as different Proteinase K treatment time or incubation with different probes or antibodies have to be performed outside the machine.

Each of the two units in the system is based on a peristaltic pump and uses a 16-channel valve for selecting the buffer or waste position. The shaking platform that can be heated or cooled is used for incubation of the samples. For each system, two positions of 125ml or 4 positions of 50ml can be cooled. Two bottles of 1l each or 3 bottles of 0,5l each can be preheated in the external bottle heating. Method development can be done directly on the instrument or on a PC using remote control via TCP/IP.