BioLane HTI 16V

Two systems in one

The BioLane HTI 16Vx is an economical solution for automating tedious routine lab work, such as in situ hybridization and immunostaining on embryos or sections on glass slides as well as western blotting. Two independent platforms enable the system to run two independent protocols at the same time. The BioLane HTI 16Vx is the latest version of the BioLane product line, capable of automating even complex protocols. This newest model is controlled by a 10” tablet PC running the user friendly operating software.

Features of the BioLane HTI 16Vx:

    • Two independent incubation units (simultaneous processing of two individual protocols)
    • 16 different valves for high versatility in selecting buffer and waste positions
    • Cooled positions for antibodies and blocking buffer
    • External bottle heating for preheating of solutions (e.g. posthybridization washes)
    • Recovery of solutions
    • Comfortable operation due to large touch screen display for operating software (10” tablet PC)
    • Flexible operating software (runs on any Win 7- Win 10 PC for external modification of protocols)

The BioLane HTI 16Vx provides:


    • Reproducible processing of complex protocols
    • Handling similar to manual procedure
    • High throughput (parallel processing of up to 384 samples)
    • Uses standard laboratory buffers (low running costs)
    • Precise temperature control
    • Agitation of samples by rocking platforms