In situ hybridization (ISH), allowing the detection of DNA or RNA (mRNA, miRNA) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) for detecting proteins and other antigens, are powerful techniques to explore the temporal and spatial expression pattern of genes and the localization of their products within organisms.
These techniques are used in many different research areas including developmental biology, molecular genetics, cell biology, cancer research and stem cell research.

ISH or IHC protocols are tedious and time consuming with laborious repeated washing and incubation steps. The InsituPro VSi fully automates all steps of these methods, thus allowing the user to concentrate on other scientific challenges. The BioLane HTI 16Vx is an economic solution that automates most steps and saves precious time.

The MultiPep RSi, MultiPep CF and ResPep SL are fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizers. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable production of speciality peptides in mini-columns or plates to the large scale synthesis of 100 mg peptide or more in column modules with agitation and heating options.

The SPOT Upgrades for MultiPep RSi and ResPep SL allow fully automated synthesis of peptide arrays on membranes.

Easy to set up and use, both instruments are equally suited to use in core facilities, biological focused laboratories and synthesis units.

Protein digestion is an essential step in protein analysis that must be automated for high reproducibility and sensitivity. The DigestPro MSi completely automates in gel or in solution digestion procedures including reduction, alkylation, silver reduction and all washing steps. Furthermore, the peptide solutions can automatically be desalted and concentrated on ZipTips® or similar reverse phase tips. Finally, the samples can be spotted on a MALDI target plate or transferred to autosampler vials for LC-MS.

More applications such as solid-phase assisted digestion, affinity purification and phosphopeptide enrichment on TiO2 are available.

We manufacture high quality custom peptides tailored for your particular needs!

With strong roots in the scientific area and longtime experience in peptide synthesis, Intavis supports you in areas like signal transduction, proteomics, epigenetics, immunology (e.g. epitope mapping) and many more.

We cover a wide range of applications: From the use of purified peptides for quantitative studies, fluorescently labeled peptides for localization assays, peptide libraries for economic screening purposes and CelluSpots™ peptide arrays that are based on SPOT-synthesis, Intavis peptide services offer TCP-resins for solid phase peptide synthesis.

FishGenePro – Software Suite for fish facilities

FishGenePro is a new web-based software suite for fish facilities covering all important aspects of tank and task management. It helps you to keep track of the stocks in your facility as well as their genetic makeup. The software contains various must-have applications, e.g. a complete plasmid database linked to your stocks, QRcode-based inventory function and control of water quality parameters.

Try the software now on our free test version. No registration required.