Fish Gene Pro

Software Suite for fish facilities
  • World-wide access
  • Task management & To-do-lists
  • User management
  • Stock management
  • Plasmid database
  • Barcoded tank labels
  • and many more…


FishGene Pro
Software Suite for fish facilities
FishGene Pro is a new web-based software suite for fish facilities covering all important aspects of tank and task management. It helps you to keep track of the stocks in your facility as well as their genetic makeup. The software contains various must-have applications, e.g. a complete plasmid database linked to your stocks, barcode-based inventory function and control of water quality parameters.
The advanced task system will ensure that your facility will run smoothly at any time and the staff and animal caretakers won’t be busy with tedious and time-consuming documentation tasks. The software is already compliant with the most up-to-date animal protection (stress tests) and genetic engineering laws. In addition, all relevant data can be exported at the click of a mouse.
FishGene Pro has been developed in collaboration with the fish facility of Prof. Jochen Wittbrodt (University of Heidelberg) and is already in use by several well-known fish labs world-wide, e.g. Janelia Farm Research Campus.
FishGene Pro is backed by our dedicated team of programmers and will be further improved to meet the demands of our users and new challenges in research using aquatic model organisms.
Features of FishGene Pro:
  • World-wide access to the database due to web-based and platform-independent design
  • Tank management: all relevant data is recorded including history and archive functions
  • Task management & To-do-lists with reminder alerts and records of executed tasks
  • User management with advanced user-right control and color-coding
  • Stock management: all data such as genotype, phenotype, tank locations at-a-glance
  • Applicable to all common fish facilities with flexible layout and hierarchies
  • Pedigree visualization
  • Photos can be attached to stocks
  • Plasmid database linked to fish stocks incl. full plasmid and insert sequences, maps, …
  • Barcoded tank labels with one-click print function
  • Inventory function allows you to quickly catalogue all active stocks in your fish facility
  • Data export – extract all important fish data such as stocks, plasmids and tanks
  • Advanced search and filter functions
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Documentation compliant with latest genetic engineering and animal protection guidelines
  • Stress tests for newly generated fish lines: ready-made forms and upload functions 
  • Wildtype background management
  • Customizable design and logo
  • Easy data import using batch-mode and duplicate functions
  • In-house software – easily modified and adapted to your specific needs
Specifications and requirements of FishGene Pro:
  • Server based system: min. Pentium IV 2GHz, 512MB RAM, 350MB HD
  • Cloud Version available

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