2-Column Peptide Synthesizer

The TwinPep is Intavis’ 2-column peptide synthesizer with UV monitoring. The TwinPep allows the synthesis of two peptides with difficult sequences. Optional UV monitoring enables the optimization of reaction parameters like deprotection and coupling times during the synthesis.

The instrument has two independent column modules with heating, vortexing and nitrogen-bubbling.

The synthesizer is delivered with our MultiPep software package on a Windows laptop. The software contains ready-to-go peptide synthesis protocols. Each step in the protocol can be customized.

A 12-column module can be added for the parallel synthesis of peptides at small scales (1-50 µmol). The liquid delivery system is perfectly suited for small scale syntheses of specialty peptides with valuable building blocks.

The 12-column module can be used with disposable columns with capacities of 450 µl, 2 ml or 5 ml.

The TwinPep is an economical peptide synthesizer with a small footprint. It can be used as a single or double column synthesizer with heating or as a parallel synthesizer for the synthesis of up to 12 peptides at smaller scales.

Available modules:

    • 2-Column module: two columns, 0.05 – 2 mmol scales; optional UV monitoring
    • 12-Column module: multiple synthesis upgrade, up to 12 peptides; 1-50µmol scales

2-Column module with UV monitoring option

    • 2 independent columns
    • UV monitoring on one column
    • fast heating
    • vortexing & nitrogen bubbling
    • up to 62 building blocks
    • up to 8 solvents/reagents
    • open and flexible software

12-Column module

Column upgrade for multiple synthesis

    • parallel synthesis
    • 1-50 µmol in disposable columns
    • up to 31 building blocks
    • up to 8 solvents/reagents
    • open and flexible software