ResPep SL

SL peptide synthesizer

 ResPep SL

The ResPep SL is a fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizer. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable production of speciality peptides in microcolumns to the large scale synthesis of 100 mg or more of up to three individual sequences.
Easy to set up and use, the ResPep SL is equally suited to use in core facilities, biological focused laboratories and synthesis units.

Available configurations:

    • Plate and Mini-Column Module: small scale and microscale; up to 96 peptides at 1-10 µmol in synthesis plates or 1-15 µmol in mini-columns (standard configuration)
    • SPOT Module: automated SPOT synthesis of peptide arrays on two membranes
    • Column Module: up to 3 peptides at a scale of 25-100 µmol
    • CelluSpots™ Module: synthesis for CelluSpots™ peptide arrays

In the ResPep SL plate configuration up to 96 peptides are made in a 96 well filter plate filled with synthesis support. Alternatively the mini-column module can be used to synthesize up to 24 peptides or PNAs at slightly larger scale.

A unique method to generate large numbers of different peptides is the SPOT method for synthesis of peptide arrays on cellulose membranes.

The 3-column module allows parallel peptide synthesis on resin in 3 columns at a scale of up to 100 µmol using Fmoc chemistry. The synthesis products can be handled individually during work-up to simplify cleavage and filtration from the resin.

CelluSpots™ Module

A smart way to generate many identical peptide arrays from only one synthesis is the CelluSpots™ method.