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Useful resources:

emap – The Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project
A digital atlas of mouse development and database to be a resource for spatially mapped data such as in situ gene expression and cell lineage.

GEISHA – The Gallus gallus (chicken) EST and In Situ Hybridization Analysis database
A developing data base for chick ESTs and corresponding in situ images.

ZFIN – The zebrafish model organism database
A database containing everything starting from genes, ESTs, expression data up to the request for fish lines.

MEPD – Medaka Expression Patern Data Base
A database on in situ expression pattern of ESTs in the ricefish Medaka.

CK EST expression database of Flybase
The EST in situ expression database of flybase, a resource for Drosophila.

The gene expression database of TAIR
The gene expression resource of the TAIR Arabidopsis database. Please read their guidelines before linking or citing.

Xenopus express
Supplier of Pipid Frogs for laboratory re