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Aphidius ervi, ISH - wg & en
Arabidopsis thaliana, IHC - AtPIN1
Arabidopsis thaliana, IHC - Pin1,2,4
Arabidopsis thaliana, ISH - WUS
Biolane HTI 16Vx
BioLane HTI-16Vx
chicken embryo, ISH - Pax3
Ciona intestinalis, ISH - OTX
Drosophila melanogaster, ISH - en
InsituPro VSi
InsituPro Vsi - slide module
InsituPro Vsi - whole mount module
Medaka, ISH
Medaka, ISH - Pax6 & Atonal5
mouse forelimb, ISH - Ihh
Platynereis dumerilii, ISH
rat testes section - IHC
Schmidtea mediterranea, ISH
Zebrafish, ISH
Automated ISH and IHC
In situ hybridization (ISH), allowing the detection of DNA or RNA (mRNA, miRNA) and immuno-histochemistry (IHC) for detecting proteins and other antigens, are powerful techniques to explore the temporal and spatial expression pattern of genes...


24 minicolumn peptide synthesis module
384 peptides in one run - small scale synthesis
72-column peptide synthesis module with heater
72-column peptide synthesis parallel washing
96-well plate peptide synthesis - peptide libraries
continuous flow peptide synthesis - UV monitoring
epitope mapping - peptide libraries - screening
MultiPep CF - continuous flow peptide synthesis
MultiPep RSi - high throughput peptide synthesis
MultiPep RSi - one synthesizer 5 modules
MultiPep RSi reagent bottles inert atmosphere
peptide array synthesis
peptide array synthesis - epitope mapping
peptide libraries - modifications
ResPep SL - 3-Column peptide synthesis
SPOT peptide array synthesis
Automated Peptide Synthesis
The MultiPep RSi, MultiPep CF, Respep SL and TwinPep are fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizers. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screening with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable...


DigestPro Msi - in gel digestion
DigestPro Msi - MALDI spotting
MALDI spectrum
protein digestion scheme
Protein digestion is an essential step in protein analysis that must be automated for high reproducibility and sensitivity. The DigestPro MSi completely automates in gel or in solution digestion procedures including reduction...


CelluSpot peptide array - 1
CelluSpot peptide array - 2
CelluSpot peptide array - 3
CelluSpot peptide array - 4
Custom peptide synthesis with modifications - 1
Custom peptide synthesis with modifications - 2
Epitope Mapping
Epitope Mapping using peptide arrays
Isotopically labeled peptides for MRM experimants
Kinase substrate peptide arrays
Ligand optimization using peptide arrays
Peptide library of soluble peptides - 1
Peptide library of soluble peptides - 2
SPOT peptide array
T-Cell stimulation using soluble peptides
TCP-resin for solid phase peptide synthesis
Custom Peptide Services
We manufacture high quality custom peptide tailored for your particular needs! With strong roots in the scientific area and longtime experience in peptide synthesis, Intavis supports you in areas like signal transduction...